ANTONIO, the men’s luxury footwear collections and unique Arabic traditional sandals collections which are 100% hand sewing in Italy. All kind of raw materials are carefully selected to ensure high quality, softness, durability with unique designs, making it in the lay of mixture between natures, smart and art. Only the finest exotic and luxury raw materials were used in the ANTONIO production. Therefore we present our products in many categories:

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Arabic Sandals

A- Classic line: Traditional sandals designs which made of calfskin, deer skin and finest nappa`s.


B- Models line: Unique designs are created by talented, creative and passion Italian stylists by using the best leathers in the world like vitello, deer and baby ostrich.


C- Exotic line: The luxuries designs are created especially for ANTONIO clients and using the most luxuries leathers like crocodile, ostrich, lizard, shark and python which selected with great care to give our products their special quality and unique styles.

luxury mens shoes and sandal, dubai

A- Classic shoes: The elegant formal models were made especially for ANTONIO clients by the most provincial Italian designers.


B- Casual Shoes: The most stylish models were created by the best fashion designers Specifically for ANTONIO brand.


C- Moccasin shoes: All shoes are sewed in the most creative Italian factories under the concept of "100% handcrafted".

luxury mens shoes and sandal, dubai

Over almost three years, Antonio has built a solid foundation of pioneering entrepreneurial vigor, creating some of the best and most exclusive fragrances, which have established a great reputation for quality, luxury and elegance.


Antonio’s Oriental perfume lines have found wide acceptance and preference within a wide customer base across GCC.


Antonio pioneered the concept of exclusive and dedicated multi brands fragrance store; Strategically located right in the heart of Dubai, the store showcased a profound range of merchandise, ambience and a distinctive level of service.


Antonio tasted greater success with the introduction of its Oriental perfumes which found instant acceptance and loyalty within the regional customers along with the recognition of Antonio as a one of master perfumers.


Elegance, quality, competitiveness and innovation are synonymous with Antonio.


Over the last three years, Antonio has remained committed to its raison d’être of creating the finest perfumes that epitomize quality and sophistication, and moreover a fine mastery over the art of blending fragrances.

luxury mens shoes and sandal, dubai


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